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What is makes it easy for travelers to find great savings on hotels and flights by bringing together and organizing all the best hotel deals and fare sales in one place.

What makes different than other travel deals sites?

Our number one goal is to help you find a great deal, not maximize the amount of advertising we make from you. Our approach is to be comprehensive and unbiased and include travel deals whether they're sponsored or not. Additionally, we show all the deals in a very consistent format, making it easy for you to find deals. Finally, our unique Deal Analyzer™ reveals the actual savings of each hotel deal, so you can quickly understand if a deal is a good deal.

Is free to use to find deals?

Yes. There is no cost to use to find travel deals.

How did all these deals get into has various systems to find the best deals online, including our team of deal experts who review and analyze each deal before it's posted on the site.

How does make money?

We are an an advertising-supported service, and we display sponsorships around the deals on our sites. Additionally, we may make money when you click to the source of a deal or buy travel products from these companies. However, unlike other “advertorial” travel deals sites that only display deals from sponsored sources, we display the best deals we find, regardless of advertising relationship.

Can I make a travel reservation through

No. provides information about travel deals. To book the deal, you need to go to the source of the deal. Likewise, if you have questions about a reservation you made, you need to directly contact the company that you made the reservation with.

How can I make a suggestion to improve

As we're passionate about making a highly useful and helpful service, we value suggestions and respond to each email sent to us. Go to our %a href="/contact" contact us page a and send us the suggestion!

Finding Hotel Deals

How can I find deals for location or a specific hotel?

Use the search box on the home page. Type the name of a location or a hotel and matches will start appearing below the search box. Select the appropriate location or hotel to view the hotel deals for it. If the location or hotel you're looking for does not show on this list, it has not been added yet to

What is the Deal Analyzer™ and how can I use it to find a great hotel deal?

The Deal Analyzer™ calculates the actual savings of a deal by dissecting a deal into its components and comparing the regular price of these individual pieces to the deal price. For deals with multiple components (such as a hotel room and free breakfast), it shows you what it would cost to book a deal yourself, “a la carte” vs. booking it as a package deal. You can use the Deal Analyzer™ to quickly determine the savings of a deal, to help you decide if a deal is right for you.

Why are some items in the Deal Analyzer™ estimated?

Some items in a deal have a subjective value, and for those our Deal Analyzers often enter an estimated price. For example, a breakfast may cost $15-$25 per person, depending on what is ordered, so a $20 estimated value for a “free breakfast” would be used to determine the deal's savings.

How are the regular prices for items in the Deal Analyzer™ determined

Our team of Deal Analyzers determines standard pricing of hotel package items using a 3-step process:

  1. We review a hotel website for specific pricing and if we find it, we use it.
  2. If specific pricing isn't available, we reference a set of estimated guidelines that we've developed through our collective experience with analyzing deals. These guidelines provide average pricing for a variety of common items. This also helps us keep our values fairly consistent across deals of a particular hotel class.
  3. If we're still not able to establish a price, we perform web searches for comparable items or services in the same city of the deal in question, and derive an average based on at least three separate sources.

If you are aware of an exact regular price for an item with an estimated price in the Deal Analyzer™, please contact us and let us know, as we strive to have the most accurate deal information on

Why do some deals have “negative savings”?

The Deal Analyzer™ reveals the true savings of a deal, and sometimes it turns out that it's cheaper to assemble the deal yourself. In these cases, you may want to think of the extra cost of the deal as a “convenience fee” on the part of the hotel for not having to arrange all the particulars of a deal yourself.

What should I do if I cannot find a particular hotel on

You can contact us and our team will add it to their list of hotels to research.

Hotel Managers and Owners

How can I use to promote my property?

Our sponsorship program is ideal for larger hotel groups and chains to get more leads and bookings from

Flight Deals

Where do the fares on your flight deals come from? finds all the airline fare sales from across the web and organizes them by arrival and departure city. These fare sales include special promotions, discounts on new routes, last minute weekend fares, special coupon codes and even fares our editors find that are an especially great value. We include details on how to book these fares along with the price. As airfares change very, very frequently, the promotional fare published by the airline or online travel agency may or may not be available.

How can I use to find a cheap flight?

Search flight deals from our home page. When you're ready to book a flight, click the price to view instructions for purchasing it.

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