"Holiday Celebration Package" + Dinner, Sleigh Ride

regular prices for this deal
Dinner for two ($120 over 3 days)
$40.00/night *
Breakfast for two daily ($180 over 3 days)
$60.00/night *
Two sleigh ride tickets ($36 over 3 days)
$12.00/night *
Holiday gift ($30 over 3 days)
$10.00/night *
total regular price
the deal price
the bottom line - you save
Save 16%
* The regular price for this item is estimated.
book by:
Mar 14, 2014
travel dates:
Through Jan 03, 2011
minimum nights required:

Celebrate the holidays at this hotel and get dinner for two, breakfast daily and two tickets to the National Elk Refuge sleigh ride.

This package includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Dinner for two
  • Breakfast for two daily
  • Two tickets to the National Elk Refuge sleigh ride
  • Commemorative holiday gift
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