"Fun-4-Summer Package" + Free Night, Breakfast for Kids

regular prices for this deal
Breakfast for kids 12 and under ($80 over 4 days)
$20.00/night *
Destination guide ($10 over 4 days)
$2.50/night *
total regular price
the deal price
the bottom line - you save
Save 53%
* The regular price for this item is estimated.
book by:
Mar 14, 2014
travel dates:
Through Sep 06, 2010
minimum nights required:
Has Blackout Dates

Get a free fourth night and free breakfast for kids 12 and under with this hotel’s ‘Fun-4-Summer’ package.

This package includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Free breakfast for kids 12 and under
  • ‘Great Things To Do’ destination guide
  • Advance call from the concierge
  • Omni Sensation Kids benefits
  • 25% Snapfish discount
  • Late checkout

Note: We calculated the listed rate as ($119/night x 3 nights) / 4 nights. Deal rate indicates the best estimate after the promotion is applied. Promotional room rate may differ on hotel’s website, especially if discount is applied at the time of purchase.

This deal was published on omnihotels.com with a starting price, which means that rates begin at the price listed but may be higher depending on your dates of travel.
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